K3 Film Festival 2018

Festival café, concerts, installations

This year the Park Lounge will be the K3 Festival Café for the first time. It’s located in the rear part of the Parkcafé right next to a park very close to the cinema.

Moritschstraße 2
9500 Villach
the exact location can be found on this link to google-maps

Video installations will be presented there and it’s also the meeting point for filmmakers and guests.
On Sunday the final discussion and the awarding are going to take place in the K3 Festival Café. For the first time and as far as we know unique in Austria the K3 Award 2010 won’t be given away by a jury anymore. Its winner is going to be the outcome of an open discussion the whole audience is invited to participate in. The audience will discuss the films and finally agree on a winner who gets the K3 Award worth € 1.500.- and a K3 trophy.


Saturday, July 3rd
11.30 pm: Repetitor
(Belgrad, Serbia) - New Wave Rock

Sunday, July 4th
9.30 pm: Bob Ostertag
(San Francisco, USA) - Electronic/Jazz

access to all concerts with the K3 Festival Pass


it-will-be-ok1. "It Will Be OK"
Vesna Bukovec

SLO 2009 | 3´34´´

ferment2. "Ferment"
Ioann Maria
Poland/Sweden 2009 | 1´26´´


fluchtpunkt3. "Fluchtpunkt"
Iris Cerny, Marie Prammer
AUT 2009 | 19´58´´

k3-installations-trailer4. K3 Trailer
Fritz Hock
AUT 2010 | 1´25´´

cacionero5. "Cancionero"
Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia
Philippines 2009 | 5´58´´

cu-na-mara6. "Cu Na Mara" (Hound of the Seas)
Scott F. Hall, Matt Dombrowski
USA 2009 | 1´40´´