K3 Film Festival 2018

Clemens Kogler

bar Visionario, Udine
30.06.2011 23:00

At K3 Festival the Austrian video artist Clemens Kogler will present his sophisticated analogue live visual technique called Phonovideo. Phonovideo is a homemade visual tool that allows to display and mix short animations in an analogue way without computers etc. It’s a mixture of the phenakistoscope technique from 1832 and turntablism. The setup is simple: Two turntables, two cameras, a video mixer, some output or recording device and a pile of “records” with printed-on animations. You can think of it as a video equivalent to a classic DJ-setup. As homage to audio sampling he uses reinterpretations of famous album covers but also includes citations of famous films for the animated paintings. The sound to the visuals comes from Aura Anthropica