K3 Film Festival 2018

Overview of the K3 Festival

K3 Udine festival del cortometraggio
22_23 August 2012
Udine, Italy

K3 Ljubljana Mednarodni festival kratkega filma
24_25 September 2012
Ljubljana, Slovenia

K3 Villach international Short Film Festival
22_23_24_25 November 2012
Villach, Austria

I. Programme of K3 Udine
II. Programme of K3 Ljubljana
III. Programme of K3 Villach
IV. Concept of K3 Festival



K3 Udine - Programme

August, 22nd

Visionario, Udine

19.30 official opening
Opening of the K3 short film festival - Udine

20.00 projections
K3 LOCAL COMPETION Friuli Venezia-Giulia
at the presence of the filmmakers

22.00 projections
a preview of the international competitions taking place in Villach from 22nd to 25th of November, 2012

August, 23rd

Visionario, Udine

17.30 projections and discussion
presentation of the collaborative film project “The Lifeblood” and introduction to the idea of a collective Center of Film for Austria, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Slovenia.

19.00 virtual workshop
Crowd funding by Mag. Wolfgang Gumpelmaier fromununi.tv

21.00 projections
at the presence of the author

One of the most definitive artist-filmmakers of the second half of the 20th century and one who has led a life true to the paroles of his artwork. With a creative activity that spans over forty years and includes photography, installations, sculpture and object art, performance, video-art, expanded cinema, sound and TV interventions, and the written word.

22.30 projections and discussion
Announcement of the three best films from Friuli Venezia-Giulia  for the 3x3 competition in Villach and public discussion of the jury

Jury for Udine
journalist and film critic for "Il Piccolo" and "CIACK"
journalist and film critic for “Il Messaggero Veneto”
programme director for Kinoteka slovena in Ljubljana
founder and director of K3 Short Film Festival - Villach






K3 Ljubljana - Programme

September, 24th

Kinodvor, Ljubljana

Meet&Greet at Kinodvor Cafe

21.00 official opening & projections
a preview of the international competitions taking place at Villach from 22nd to 25th of November, 2012

22.30 projections
at the presence of the filmmakers

September, 25th

Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana

21.00 projections
Born in Luxembourg, Bady Minck works as an artist and filmmaker in Vienna and Luxembourg. She studied sculpture at Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts and experimental film at the University of Applied Arts. Her films have been shown at numerous festivals and received various awards.

23.00 projections and discussion
Announcement of the three best Slovenian films for the 3x3 competition in Villach

Varja Močnik, film director
Simon Popek, Ljubljana film festival director and film critic
Ivana Novak, film critic





K3 Villach - Programme

2012 Villach is the host of the closing festival and will feature the international competition, a local competition for Carinthia, the cross-border 3x3 competition plus special programmes, discussions, workshops and the jury and public awarding.


Thursday, November 22nd

18.00 Opening of the K3 Festival

18.30 Carinthian Competition

20.45 International Competition I

then  the jury announces the three Carinthian nominations
for the 3X3 competition


Friday, November 23rd

17.30 Cinema from Carinthia
"Lassnitz", Hans Schabus, 2012, 70'

20.00 Retrospective – Ben Russell

22.00 International Competition II


Saturday, November 24th

11.00 Tribute to Filmstudio
"Mont Real", Peter Putz , 1988/89, 20'
afterwards discussion

15.00* Presentation
movi-e-mento – Parkcafé

17.30 Cinema from Carinthia
"you and I", Ruth Rieser, 2012, 103'

20.00 International Competition III

22.00 3X3 Competition
Friuli Venezia Giulia, Carinthia and Slovenia

00:00 Fat Fête - Kulturhofkeller


Sunday, November 25 th

11.00 Cinema from Carinthia
"What Is Love", Ruth Mader, 2012, 80'

15.00* Panel discussion
  Cinema from Carinthia - Requirements for a proper, independent film fund for Carinthia

17.30*  Open discussion for the K3 Audience Award

20.30*  K3 Awarding Ceremony

21.00*  Closing Party

Programme points marked with a * take place at Parkcafé Villach.
All screenings in Stadtkino (city cinema) Villach

The filmmakers are present.




K3 international Short Film Festival

crossing borders and genres since 2007

The concept of K3 originally derived from the concept of crossing borders between genres and of crossing borders between art, commerce and cinema (Kommerz, Kunst, Kino).

Since 2011 K3 is crossing borders also geographically. In an annual rotation Villach (Austria), Udine (Italy) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) will host the main and closing festival.

In the other cities pre-festivals take place

Hosting cities:
2012: Villach, Austria
2013: Udine, Italy
2014: Ljubljana, Slovenia