K3 Film Festival 2018

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding - webinar

23th of August, 19:00, Visionario

free entry

In collaboration
with the virtual academ for film, TV & web ununi.tv ,
Wolfgang Gumpelmaier is going to present crowd funding with a special focus on film.
Everyonce can participate for free, either on site at the Visionario or via live-stream at ununi.tv

What is crowd funding?
Crowd funding is a new form of supporting certain projects, persons or organizations throughout bigger groups of investors, who invest smaller amounts of money. The projects are mostly presented on internet-platforms especially organized for that bottom-up financing method. Online every user can have a look at the presented initiatives and then decide whether he or she wants to become an investor for a certain project. The collection of resources for diverse projects can happen individually or collectively. Nevertheless, crowd funding has been a successful method for funding innovative ideas and projects by people like you and me.

What is ununi.tv?
ununi.tv Ununi.tv is a virtual academy for film, TV and web. It offers education on the interface of the internet and the moving-image. Everyone that is interested and/or works in the field of media or is a newcomer finds a ready welcome at ununi.tv. The site is conceptualized as an online barcamp, which can be visited live and on demand. That structure allows ununi.tv to benefit a continuous up-to-date qualification. Or, briefly speaking: They anticipate the modern academy as “ a non-conference at the a non-place at a non-time”. As a platform for presentations, workshops and seminars, ununi.tv enables a global exchange of knowledge and experience. The open infrastructure supports all players on enhancing their professional interests life-long and collaboratively. They enter into a dialogue about film, video, television and the internet.


Wolfgang Gumplemaier

Wolfgang Gumpelmaier
New Media Consultant, Speaker, Crowdfunding-Observer, Blogger and Co-Founder of www.ununi.tv.