K3 Film Festival 2018

Collaborative Projects

23th of August, 17:30 – Visionario

Presentation of "The Lifeblood"
fantasy film-series
adapted from Gustav Meyrink’s novel „Das Haus des Alchimisten" (“The House of the Alchemist”)

"The Lifeblood" is based on a collaboration between more than 20 different artists, amongst others: Stefani Rota, Mattia Pilosio, Claudio Della Negra.

In a dystopian future nearly nothing can survive in the earth’s atmosphere. Only the living city and its inhabitants –a new form of human life, stay. KEMAL, the Great Architect, succeeds to design everything to ultimate perfection. He himself then turns into the city, is venerated and respected. Nothing escapes his control. However the perfection is unnatural and a long-hidden mistake in the city’s underground troubles the perfect plan.

The Lifeblood

The first part of the project is split in the following formation phases:
Phase 1 (accomplished):
Composing the screenplay, selection of the crew

Phase 2 (accomplished):
Raising budget for production of the teaser

Phase 3 (accomplished):
Production of the teaser

Phase 4: 23th of August, 17:30, Visionario
Presentation of the project at K3 short film festival

Phase 5: 23th of August, 19:00, Visionario
Self-financing & crowd funding at K3 virtual workshop

Phase 6: Elaborated crowd funding concept
The concept will be presented on ununi.tv. Further improvement will be accomplished by feedback throughout other participants at the webinar.

Phase 7: Crowd funding campaign starts

Phase 8: Webinar on ununi.tv on the first outcomes of the crowd funding-campaign

Phase 9: Production of the first out of seven sequels


Center of film for Carinthia, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Slovenia:
"The Lifeblood" serves also for the evaluation of requirements and benefits of a collective Center of film for Carinthia, Friuli Venezia-Giulia and Slovenia: This idea is being introduced and discussed at K3 Udine for the first time. At K3 Ljubljana and K3 Villach the cross-border project will progress and first results will be presented.