K3 Film Festival 2018

3X3 Short Film Award

3X3 nominations from Slovenia

  • Amelia - Blaž Završnik, SLO 2012
  • Apartment no.4 - Simona Jerala, Daphne van den Blink, Rui Esperança, SLO 2012
  • Fuck machine - Živa Petrić, SLO 2012

3X3 nominations from Carinthia

  • Povero Peccatore - Gernot Fischer-Kondratovitch, AUT/IT 2010-2013
  • Family Portrait - Birgit Scholin, AUT 2013
  • echo - Hans Schabus, AUT 2009

3X3 nominations from Friuli-Venzia Giulia

  • Corpometria Descrittiva - Luca Poldelmengo, IT 2013
  • L’Aroma della Perfezione - Andrea Dalla Costa, IT 2013
  • Una serata tra Amici - Daniele Trani, IT 2013

3X3 Short Film Award 2013
Birgit Scholin
Family Portrait | AUT 2012-2013 | 3´27´´

From the first frame on a tender melancholy, a silent solitude accompanies each carefully composed setting. Ms. Scholin draws her characters mindfully and respectfully. We almost became eyewitnesses, experiencing longing for intimacy, lostness, but also a deep closeness and warmth that needs no words. We follow all those interlocked, braided moments with growing attentiveness. Birgit Scholin shows us a fragment, a glimpse into an imagined world, which finally touches reality.

At the end, when the man, the two women and the children lie down into bed one after another, everything blends to this wonderful coherent title FAMILY PORTRAIT escorted into the ashy darkness by the song „du, oh schönes Weltgebäude" by J.S. Bach played on piano.

Family Portrait is a small treasure of animation film!

(Gerhard Fillei on behalf of the jury)

The 3X3 Jury:
Paola Bistrot, Gerhard Fillei, Carlo Montanaro