K3 Film Festival 2018


K3 was born out of the passion for the medium of short film. The first festival in 2007 was organised as a short film evening in a Carinthian club for music without much prior experience but still attracted numerous visitors. The dynamic development of K3 international Short Film Festival shows the great public interest in this form of art.

In 2008, K3 moved into the city cinema of Villach. Soon it became obvious that the third hall could not cope with the high number of visitors. Since then, K3 has taken place in the biggest hall of the cinema. In 2009, K3 was expanded into a multi-day festival. Anna Jermolaewa, a media scientist and artist living in Vienna, was the festival's first prominent head of the judging panel in 2009. Furthermore, the K3 Festival Café had its premiere in that year.

In 2010, the next growth spurt followed, this time on a musical level: The Serbian Newcomer-Band Repetitor rocked the K3 Festival Café in the Parkhotel of Villach and American sound artist Bob Ostertag brought the festival to a successful close with one of his rare concerts in Europe. It was also in 2010 that bady minck, who is well experienced with festivals (Cannes, Venice) and was a member of that year's jury in Venice as well, agreed to be head of the judging panel.

More than 500 people visited K3 2010, in spite of the significant competition with the semi-final of the soccer World Cup.

This year's festival as well will go down in this successful short history. For the first time K3 will last five days. In close cooperation with Italian partners and local authorities K3 2011 will take place in two European cities. The promotion of culture for kids and adults is a new task in the festival programme and K3 received a fair frame for the K3 Festival Café with the newly founded Kulturhof:Keller. The approximately 700 submissions is a new record of entries for K3 2011. And the first K3 Retrospective will be released as a DVD in autumn of 2011. The plans for 2012 promise one thing at the very least: This short history remains full of suspense.



The winner of previous years:

Wurscht by Adele Raczkövi (K3 Audience Award 500€)

Ultima Thule by Agata Wozniak (K3 Short Film Award 700€)
The Heart is Sad by Milena Olip (K3 Short Film Award 700€)
Because There Are Things You Never Forget by Lucas Figueroa (K3 Audience Award 500€)

A serviço do Homem by Iuri Bastos (K3 Short Film Award 1.500€)

Phone Tapping by Hee Won Lee (K3 Short Film Award 1.500€)
Apele Tac – Silent River by Anca Miruna Dunga (K3 Audience Award 1.000€)

Deep  End Art N°1 by Ivan Ladislav Galeta (K3 international Short Film Award € 1.500.-)
Voidov~ by Manuel Knapp (3X3 Award € 1.500.-)
L`imprevedibile destino dei Caugich by Krema, Peressutti, Sabbadini (K3 Audience Award € 1.000.-)